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NFT collection
The first independent project that we build during 2021-22 years. 2500+ hand-drawn traits and great lore make this title special to all of us. Launch planned on 2024 Q1
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Social launchpad
Social finance application that evolved to social launchpad. Our take on popular SoFi trend with some improvements like fractionalized keys and revenue share to holders. 2k users and 300k$ trading volume since launch
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Onchain game
Onchain card game in a sci-fi setting, offering viral game mechanics, transparent economic approach and affordable entry threshold for users around the world
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Collectible Card Game
Our biggest and most ambitious project yet. Atheya is an open TCG world with the core state of the game deployed onchain. The project is still in development and the first beta release is planned for Q2 2024
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Another dev
We are web3 startup community
We are team from Ukraine, consists of 8 people with core team members collaborating for over 5 years. Initially we started as a software development company, focusing specifically on blockchain and cryptocurrency development. In 2022, we start working on independent projects.
Our goal is build and grow new kinds of web3 businesses - community-based and decentralised.
Join us to build best web3 products together
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